Healthcare Trends for 2019

Healthcare was a top priority for many U.S. voters during the 2018 mid-term elections. With the close of the elections, the regulatory implications for the healthcare industry are beginning to take shape. Healthcare executives are further refining their 2019 strategic plans to reflect these implications.

Please share your thoughts about how your organization was preparing for 2019 and any strategic changes based on the election results as well as what 2018 meant for your healthcare organization by completing HIN's 15th annual survey on Healthcare Trends by March 12th. You'll receive a free executive summary of the compiled results, and your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

One respondent who completes the survey will be randomly selected to receive an Adobe PDF of HIN's 2018 special report, "Profiting from Population Health Revenue in an ACO: Framework for Medicare Shared Savings and MIPS Success," a $90 value.

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* 1. Was 2018 a better year for your organization than 2017?

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* 2. What impact will the 2018 mid-term elections have on the healthcare industry?

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* 3. Please describe how the 2018 mid-term elections are impacting your organization's 2019 strategic plan: