This year's Awards Banquet will be Saturday, November 2. We're asking our Chamber Membership to help us nominate businesses for each of our categories.

Please keep in mind that only active Chamber member businesses in good standing can accept nominations for each award. For a full list of current Chamber members, click here.

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* Sherry McGrath Spirit of Gillette

This award is given to a business or individual that makes a difference in the Campbell County community by volunteering products, services, or time. Please nominate up to five people for this category. They can be anyone associated with the businesses listed above or anyone in the community that you think is doing an outstanding job making our city a better place:

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* Entrepreneur of the Year

This award is given to a business owner or individual in Campbell County who, by risk and initiative, has established a successful business. Please nominate up to five people (or their businesses) for this category. The business must have been established in the community for at least one year.