Let's do it!

You could have chosen to apply to circus school, be a white water rafting guide or Knight of Sealand (all real things, give it a Google). Instead, and better yet, you’re here. Thank you. Something inside drew you to this opportunity and we could not be more excited to work with you as one of our dedicated, inspired yogis.

Studio South’s eight-month Yoga Teacher Training program, RYT 200, is launched March of each year. Applicants are encouraged to apply early, space is limited and ratios are thoughtfully keep to build community and facilitate the best learning environment possible.

1-2-3, A Simple Process
1. Submit this application by February 28, there is no fee to apply
2. Once you're admitted, we will provide an Enrollment Agreement, then set up your deposit and payment plan if preferred (take advantage of Early Bird discounts by Feb 1)
3. Your training facilitator will reach out with the required reading list, any coursework needed prior to the first weekend immersive and connect classmates to one another

There are no right or wrong answers on your application
Yoga Teacher Training candidates do not need to have practiced a certain number of years, possess particular characteristics or intend to teach yoga at a studio after completion. We appreciate each unique personality and find it valuable when class dialogue comes from varied people of diverse opinions, stages of life and backgrounds.

Your responses here are confidential
Information you provide is privy only to the Studio South leadership team. No other students or applicants will know how you answered unless you share.

This application is 26 questions, takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, or less depending on depth of answers.
Refer back to the Studio's web page if you need a refresh on timeline or costs of training.