The goal of the Water Leaders Program is to positively impact the Colorado water profession by developing a pipeline of water leaders across various fields with the skills to advance the complex world of Colorado water.

Program admission is based on competitive criteria in order to maximize each participant’s experience and ensure program diversity. Please note that a maximum of one participant per employer will be admitted each year.

Before completing this application, Water Education Colorado strongly advises applicants to review program information available on our website. You can click below or copy and paste this link into your browser:
Please keep answers concise and adhere to the word limit recommendations listed next to each question.  
Minimum requirements to apply for Water Leaders Program:
Water Education Colorado defines a leader as someone who is dedicated to and is focused on the greater good of water in Colorado. A leader recognizes the value of collaboration and respect, and is open to diverse perspectives.
  • Proven Past Commitment: The Water Leaders Program is designed for individuals who have already begun to establish themselves in the water profession. Applicants should have at least three years of work experience in a water-related field, but there is no upper-year limit. Water Leaders will benefit professionals who have spent any duration in the water profession beyond three years.   
  • Proven Future Commitment: Applicants should identify a desire to continue their work in the water profession and demonstrate a commitment to help grow and advance the water community in Colorado by providing leadership and expertise. 
  • Proven "Sphere of Influence": WEco defines Sphere of Influence as an individual’s power to impact the water community in Colorado either by managing staff/projects/programs, working closely with a network of external partners outside of your organization, working to influence high-level decision makers, or other job-related connections that elevate your voice in the water community. 
  • Colorado Focused: Applicants should be Colorado residents who work primarily in Colorado.
  • Full Engagement: Participants must be ready to engage deeply in the Water Leaders process including by honestly answering self-assessments, accepting critical feedback from class participants and peer networks, investing time in personal reflection, and being willing to adapt and change personal and professional interactions to become a more efficient and effective leader. 
  • 100% Commitment: Participants are expected to be fully invested in the program through attendance at all in-person training sessions, participation in all coaching and cohort calls/meetings, and completion of all inter-session assessments and homework assignments.