2019 Keep America Beautiful Community Tree & Recovery Tree Planting Grants

Application Deadline: July 2, 2019
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The UPS Foundation has been a supporter of Keep America Beautiful since funding KAB’s Volunteer Management program in 2004. In 2015, the UPS Foundation announced it will fund the planting of 15 million trees by the end of 2020. To date, The UPS Foundation and its environmental and educational partners, including Keep America Beautiful, have planted more than 9.8 million trees in over 53 countries.

In 2019, Keep America Beautiful has partnered with the UPS Foundation once again to offer the Community Tree & Recovery Tree Planting Grants consisting of the following:

1) FIVE grants @ $5,000 each for Community Tree & Planting Projects
2) FIVE grants @ $5,000 each for Post-Recovery Tree Planting Projects
3) TWO grants @ $10,000 each for a large scale Post-Recovery Tree Planting Project

Community Tree Planting Projects will address one or more of the following: reducing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and greenhouse gas emissions through strategic plantings; emphasizing the importance of native trees; or planting fruit trees to produce fruit for local consumption.

Post-Recovery Tree Planting Projects will be given to affiliates whose communities have lost significant trees as a result of a natural disaster. These grants will focus on planting trees that have a greater likelihood of withstanding disasters ( e.g., roots hold soil and prevent erosion, lessen runoff to mitigate flooding).

  • Projects will demonstrate long term operational and financial sustainability
  • Priority will be given to affiliates that encourage and have an articulated plan for UPS employee engagement in tree planting projects

KAB Affiliate Eligibility:
  • KAB certified affiliates in Good Standing are eligible to apply
Proposal Requirements:

  • Please review this tip sheet on how to define and measure outcomes before you craft your application. You will be required to measure outcomes in your wrap-up report. 
  • Proposals should clearly describe the need for the project in the community
  • Applicants must clearly outline metrics measurement and define outcomes
  • A strong sustainability plan must be included in the proposal
  • Employee engagement plan to utilize and capture/track the number of UPS employees involved in the project
  • If a Keep America Beautiful State Affiliate organization is applying for pass-through grant funding to support their local affiliates, Keep America Beautiful requires that the sub-recipients are certified affiliates of Keep America Beautiful in Good Standing