Application guidelines:

1. All family members residing in the household must be listed on this application.

2. The City of Grosse Pointe Woods reserves the right to request verification of each resident in the household.

3. Each resident must have a photo on file or have one taken when picking up a 2019 park pass. Proof of residency also is required and verified with the following paperwork:

• Adults – Driver’s license or Michigan ID • Children – Birth certificate, school report card, or proof of guardianship

4. Rental properties must have a current Certificate of Occupancy on file with the Building department.

5. To apply for a park pass:

• Complete the form below; please print neatly. Complete all fields for each member of the household.

• Residents eight years of age and older will receive park passes. Each park pass has 15 guest punches available.

• Submit form to the Community Center in person to receive passes, ID must be shown to receive passes.

• Each pass allows 1 guest per weekday without a punch, from May 1 to September 30.

• From Oct. 1 to April 30, each pass allows 1 guest without a punch every day.

6. For clarification of park pass procedures, please call (313) 343-2408, weekdays, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

7. If a park pass is lost, it can be replaced once, at a charge of $20. Replacement passes do not include guest privileges.

8. New passes expire Dec. 31, 2019, and are required year-round for entry to the park and the Activities Building.

9. Passes are non-transferable; misuse may result in confiscation of park pass.

10. Online applications will be processed within 15 business days.

Question Title

* 1. Head of Household

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* 2. Resident 2

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* 3. Resident 3

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* 4. Resident 4

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* 5. Resident 5

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* 6. Resident 6

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* 7. Emergency Contact #1 (outside of household)

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* 8. Emergency Contact #2 (outside of household)