Current Reproductive Rights Issues in Maryland

As we approach a critical election year on both a national and local scale, we're seeking to gather information on how to best protect the reproductive freedom of all Marylanders. As an existing or potential member of NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, you are a part of our state's reproductive  freedom movement which seeks to support each individual's right to receive contraceptive and/or abortion care, access reproductive technology, experience a healthy pregnancy, and parent with dignity.
This survey should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Feedback to the following 17 statements will help provide information about which reproductive health/rights/justice issues should be given priority attention. With each statement, please indicate your level of interest in supporting NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland to take on the presented topic.

Together, we will remain vigilant in supporting the rights of all Marylanders to the full range of reproductive freedom: meaningful access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and education, autonomous decision-making regarding pregnancy outcomes, and adequate support when forming or adding to our existing families. 

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important and very timely!
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