MNEA is seeking several new board members for a 3-year term!

We are looking for the following board members to join our volunteer team: President strand, Treasurer, and Membership Chair.

An MNEA board member works to:

Ensure that MNEA provides quality programs to achieve its mission and is prudently managed
Secure and manage MNEA’s human, financial, and material resources
Fulfill MNEA’s legal obligations
Become knowledgeable about the operations of MNEA and work to meet the interests and needs of the audiences that MNEA serves
Represent MNEA in the community, both informally and formally
Board members commit to MNEA that they will:   

Share accountability for management of the organization
Attend monthly board meetings
Contribute an average of 8-12 hours a month
Carry out board assignments, and subcommittee work, as appropriate
Complete a three-year term of office

President strand

The MNEA President is the principal officer of the organization. The President sees that the resolutions and directives of the Board are carried into effect. The President presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at all meetings of the membership. The President may execute organizational contracts and other documents in writing that may be required or authorized by the Board of Directors. The President represents MNEA and is the liaison to the American Evaluation Association. The President is a voting ex-officio member of all Board committees. This is a three-year position (serving one year as President Elect, advancing to President for one year, and completing a one-year term as Past President).

The MNEA President Elect acts in the absence or disability of the President to perform duties. The President Elect fulfills all responsibilities that are assigned to by the President. This is a three-year position (serving first as President Elect, advancing to President, and completing the term as Past President).


The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparation of the proposed annual budget and shall keep (or cause to be kept) financial records belonging to MNEA. This includes, but is not limited to, general financial oversight, financial planning, banking, bookkeeping, record keeping and management of annual organization filings. The Treasurer will present to the Board of Directors a report of the finances of MNEA and will make other such reports to the Board of Directors as required.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair will manage all aspects of the MNEA membership list including keeping track of dues paid and reminding members whose memberships are about to expire or expired of their opportunity to renew. This includes advertising at MNEA events and could also include a membership drive; the development, administration, analysis and reporting of the membership survey; and/or other approaches to engage with and recruit new members to the organization. This is a three-year position.

The MNEA Board is an all-volunteer working board. All board members are responsible for and actively involved in the on-going management, implementation, and work of the organization.

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