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Thank you for your interest in Mount Carmel School's 1st annual Mock Trial Invitational Competition, to be held on Saturday, January 26, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the school's campus.

The competition will be a two-round tournament with each team playing each side once and winners determined by point accumulation. The case to be used will be the 2018 CNMI Mock Trial Case, CNMI vs. Lou Perez. The competition will use the CNMI Mock Trial Competition Rules and the National High School Mock Trial Competition Federal Rules of Evidence.

Schools and students from 6th—12th grades are welcome to participate. Each team must have a minimum of seven (7) students to compete, with six (6) competing and one (1) serving as a time keeper. JV teams will be paired, as much as possible, with other JV teams, and the MCS JV Team will only participate if an odd number of teams register. However, since MCS is hosting the competition, the MCS JV Team will not compete for placement in the competition results. For the same reason, the MCS Varsity Team will NOT participate at all in the competition.

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