Award information

Levinia Crooks Award Application Procedure & Review Criteria
Nominations close Sunday 2 June 2019.
To recognise an outstanding emerging leader working in the field of blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections (BBVs and STIs) in Australia and/or New Zealand.
Application Criteria
The Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader Award will be awarded annually to an individual who meets the following award criteria:
1. Working in the field of BBVs/STIs in Australia and/or New Zealand
2. Early to mid-career (0-10 years working in the sector)
3. Demonstrated leadership achievement in most or all of the following areas:
• Their leadership is bold, innovative, inclusive and inspires collaboration in the sector.
• Seeks to establish, promote and strengthen meaningful partnerships and collaborative opportunities to drive outcomes.
• Ensures community-based and person-centred care and engagement at all times.
• Commitment to ongoing development of knowledge and skills in the sector, and application of evidence-based practice.
• Successful advocacy with government and/or other regulatory bodies.
• Actively shares responsibility, authority, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goal.
• Sets a high standard of integrity by leading through example and maintains high personal standards.
The award includes registration for the 2019 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference, funding for travel and accommodation to attend the Conference if required, and complimentary ASHM membership for a year. The awardee will be presented with a certificate publicly at the 2019 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference where they will provide a 10-minute unique, oral presentation demonstrating how their achievements embody the Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader award criteria. The awardee will be informed with adequate time prior to the conference to make travel arrangements & prepare their presentation.
Members of ASHM are invited to nominate one person for the Award. The nominee does not need to be a member of the organisation and may be from any discipline in BBVs/STIs (both clinical and non-clinical). Nominators are encouraged to provide specific, detailed examples to support the nomination. The information provided will be used by the Adjudication Committee to determine the recipient of the award:
1. Description of the accomplishment(s)
2. Why does the nominee deserve the Leadership Award?
3. What impact has the nominee’s accomplishment had on BBVs/STIs?
4. Outline how the individual has demonstrated most or all of the Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader criteria listed above.
5. A brief abstract outlining what their 10-minute presentation at the 2019 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference could cover
6. Supporting statements from colleagues/others in the sector (optional)
7. Include any additional comments as may be necessary.
Judging Criteria
The Adjudication Committee will be asked to rank all nominations against the above criteria.
Adjudication Committee
The Adjudication Committee will be made up of a Conference committee member, an ASHM Board representative, an ASHM SMT representative, a community representative from the jurisdiction where the conference will be held & a friend/family of Levinia.