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* 3. Phone number - this is so we can contact you if there are any changes to time etc

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* 4. I give consent for my image and story to be used as per the terms and conditions set out below

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Humans of Christchurch | Ōtautahi Participant Consent Form

Thank you for your interest in the Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi project. The purpose of this Form is to record your consent to participate in the project. Before you agree to it, please read the important information below as it describes what the project is about, what personal information we will collect about you and how that personal information will be stored, used and disclosed.   

About the Project
Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi is a project that aims to increase the feeling of connectedness in Christchurch | Ōtautahi by sharing the stories of the people who live here. The project is led by a team of community volunteers passionate about sharing the stories of our people honestly.   

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
If you choose to participate in the Exhibition Project, we will take the interview and photographs already used to create an exhibition to celebrate our work to date.

Once we have approval your story and photograph may be published in wide range of media, settings and formats that currently exist as well as media, settings and formats that may be developed in the future.  For example, your story and photograph may be published:
  • through internet sites, social media sites, newspapers, newsletters, books, promotional material;
  • as part of. presentations to the public, public displays, conferences; and/or
  • in either hard-copy or electronic forms.
Your contact details will not be published with your story or photograph but we often receive requests from media outlets, journalists and other third party organisations to contact participants about their stories or participation in the project.  If you have given us permission to do so, we will pass on your contact details so they may contact you directly.   Original interview notes, recordings, photographs and contact information will be held by the Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi  team.  If you wish to access or correct any personal information that we hold about you, please contact hoco.contact@gmail.com 

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights created by Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi in connection with the Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi project will be owned by Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi.   I do have access to purchase my images or withdraw the use of my images at anytime.

I understand I will not be paid or reimbursed to participate in the project

Please email Cate Grace or Centuri Chan at hoco.contact@gmail.com if you would like us to stop using your story or photograph.  We will cease to publish your story and photograph from the date we receive your request.  We will also use reasonable efforts to remove your story and photograph from media and platforms that we control and can edit but please understand that we might not be able to remove information from all platforms and, due to the nature of electronic and print media, material used previously may continue to exist.

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* 6. I give consent to provide my contact details to third parties who have signalled in interest in learning more about my story or participation in the Humans of Christchurch Ōtautahi project so that they may contact me directly.