As an Apple Vacations Preferred Account you are eligible to apply for 2019 Co-op funds. 

**Please note that these are the guidelines and terms of use, not the request form, and both must be filled out.

In order to request funds, please visit the link below and complete a co-op request form. Your request will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days.  Please note, without prior approval of your tactics, you will not receive co-op funds.  All proposed plans and coop request forms must be submitted no later than 2/28/19.  Please also note that requests must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the run date of the tactic. Agencies are only permitted to spend 50% of their total coop funds Jan-June. All plans will be reviewed by June of 2019.  ALG reserves the right to reduce co-op funds based on a reduction in agency growth.

Once your co-op proposal is approved, we encourage you to utilize the outlined process in order to expedite the approval of a given tactic and reimbursement of funds to your agency. Please keep in mind that ALG will pay for up to half of the cost of each tactic up to the full amount as noted in your agreement. All materials must be pre-approved by a member of the ALG brand teams. No payment will be made without prior material approval.  Invoices (including proof of performance, an invoice as well as an invoice showing the full total expense) must be submitted within 30 days in order for payment to be processed.

Approvals and invoices for payment should be sent to the following email address.

For SEO/SEM guidelines and terms of service click here. Participation in the Apple Vacations affiliate program requires your acceptance of the affiliate marketing SEO/SEM program policies, terms and conditions. If you are requesting coop reimbursement for this marketing, you will not be reimbursed if the policy has been violated. 

1. Your tactics must include:

·         Apple Vacations Logo. To gain access to logos, please contact the brand TA Co-op team at the email addressed above.

·         If you have a hotel/tour/air product included in the tactic, it must be sold by Apple Vacations.  Only ads with exclusively ALG products will be considered for approval.

·         All materials must be submitted for approval to the appropriate email address as listed above (utilizing the subject line: Co-op for Approval – Response Required by (insert date)) 7 business days before hand. If you would like us to create the ad please allow for 21 business days.

The following are recommended engagement tactics to be included as part of your plan:

1. Online tactics

o   Web advertisements on your agency site

o   3rd party marketing (banners on a site other than your agency)

o   E-mail (including video e-mail)

o   Facebook and Twitter postings

o   You Tube hotel and destination videos (TIP: great if you’re on a FAM)

o   Blog postings


2. Offline tactics Events

o   Events approved as co-op with BDM involvement (examples include: branded nights, wedding shows, etc.)

§  Requirements: ALG branded collateral at the event

§  Follow-up communication (e-mail, direct mail)

§  Note: Printing costs for event collateral will not be approved.

o   Traditional Activities

§  Direct mail

§  Newspaper Advertising

§  Radio Advertising

·         :30 spots – no price points

·         :60 spots w/ price point in charter markets only

·         Weather and traffic sponsorships

§  TV Advertising

§  Outdoor

All co-op funds will be reimbursed after the execution of each initiative.

In order to be reimbursed for your expenses in a timely manner, please e-mail the appropriate brand as listed above within 30 days of execution:

a.       An invoice showing the total amount of the spend (from outside company you worked with – Radio station, printers, newspapers etc.)

b.       An invoice showing Apple Vacations’ portion (up to 50% of total expense).  Marketing funds must be matched by agency dollar-for-dollar. Please include invoice # and ARC #.

c.       Proof of performance for all initiatives executed – e.g., radio schedule and copy, direct mail piece, magazine ad within the publication, etc.

Reimbursement will not be available if invoice and back-up are provided more than 30 days post-execution, or if Apple Vacation’s policies are not being adhered to. 


If you need any additional assistance with your initiatives (planning sales, deciding on tactics) please email Jenna Gallante or Alex Bruckner (

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