Nomination for DAMA International Board and Officers

DAMA International is pleased to accept nominations from the Chapters based on the Bylaws. You can find the responsibilities for each office and description of voting rights on in the Bylaws accessible along with other information at:


Nominees must:
1) Be a member of an affiliated DAMA Chapter.
2) Have served as a current or former officer of a DAMA Chapter for one full term of their chapter’s term of office.
3) Seek a maximum of one office in any one election.

Further: Nominees for DAMA International President must have served at least one term in another capacity on the DAMA International board.

DAMA International recognizes that the current by-Laws need to be amended to address the voting rights of Central members, and plans to do so as soon as possible.

Complete this form and register your nomination. Nominations close on 30 September at 11:59pm UTC. (Questions: