Program 2: Open to EA Coaches & Officials

The Equestrian Queensland Sport Development Funding program offers $5,000 in 2019 aimed at Coaches and Officials to support development and increasing the standard of excellence in this area by providing funds directly to the individual to assist with travel expenses associated with attending EA/FEI nationally and internationally recognised Coach/Official upgrade or refresher courses within the sport

To be eligible for funding under this program all applicants must meet the following criteria:
·         be a current member of Equestrian Queensland
·         hold a current EA Coaching/Officiating accreditation
·         applicants must be attending an endorsed EA/FEI course specific to Officiating or Coaching upgrades/refreshers
·         the application must be endorsed by the Chair (or Secretary) of the relevant Sports Discipline committee
·         event/course must be held between 1 January and 1 December 2019 and hold EA/FEI endorsement

Please note:  Affiliate Clubs and EQ Sports Committees are not eligible for this funding.


How do I apply?
The following steps apply to all applications for funding:
1.       ensure you are a current financial Equestrian Queensland member
2.       complete the online application form, answering the following questions:
         ·  indicate the course type, date and venue
         ·  gain endorsement from the relevant EQ Sports Sub-Committee where applicable

How much funding am I eligible to receive?
All applications are based on merit and must be supported/endorsed by the relevant EQ Sports Committee. Funding is limited to a maximum of $250 per application. Applicants are eligible for funding more than once, however secondary applications will be held in the EQ office and assessed at the end of November 2019.

Please note: under this program, stationary, gifts, alcohol and telephone calls are NOT covered and as such will not be reimbursed as part of this funding program.

Important dates
This funding is open to activities conducted from 1 January to 1 December 2019. Activities conducted outside these dates will NOT eligible for funding.
All follow-up paperwork and invoices are required to be submitted to EQ by 1 December 2019, failure to do so will result in any monies being forfeit.

What am I required to submit?
If your application for funding is approved you are eligible to receive 100% of the approved amount after the date of the clinic/seminar/upgrade course upon the receipt of;
·         evidence of expenditure
·         applicants direct deposit bank details
·         evidence or screen shot of social media post acknowledging Equestrian Queensland for the partial funding of the ‘activity’

All material such as flyers, posters, social media posts promoting the clinic or workshop is required to include the following acknowledgement:
“This clinic (workshop) is partially funded through the Equestrian Queensland Sport Development Program for 2019.”

Other EQ funding available

The Equestrian Queensland Sport Development Funding Regional Events Judge Assistance program which offers up to $200 per application 2019 to affiliated clubs and Equestrian Queensland Sport Committees to support development in Dressage, Eventing and Jumping.

The Equestrian Queensland Safety and equipment subsidy for regional clubs which offers $10,000 to affiliated regional clubs to help improve safety and standards.

Through the International Competition and Development Funding Program funding is provided toward the cost of travel and/or accommodation for foreign technical officials (such as judges, technical delegates, course designers and stewards) to attend Queensland FEI events, especially if they run clinics for the education of officials. There is also funding available through this program for new national events or showcase events. Applications must be endorsed by the relevant EQ Sport Committee.

All funding criteria and applications can be found on the Grants page of the Equestrian Queensland website.

For further information contact or (07) 3891 6611