Deakin Residential Services loves to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our residents and a number of prestigious awards will be presented to academic high achievers, Residential Leaders, and those who have made significant contributions to the residential community across our multiple campuses.  

Residential Services is now seeking nominations from residents, residential leaders and staff for this years’ Student Experience Awards. 
The following awards are available for nomination:

Leadership Award: The successful recipient of this award will have displayed significant leadership within the residential community. They will have served as a role model and exerted a positive influence on his/her peers, demonstrated initiative, encouraged participation and/or made a meaningful contribution in residential life.

Community Values Award: This resident will have role-modelled, inspired and motivated others to act in the interests of the residential community, exemplifying the RESPECT values of the Deakin Residential Services Community. 

Community Development Award: The successful recipient(s) of this award will have contributed extensively to the residential community via organisation of an outstanding or novel initiative, event or activity, mentoring or support of another student(s) or participation or involvement in a voluntary capacity.

Global Citizenship: The successful recipient of this award will be an international student who has contributed significantly to the residential community through one or a combination of the following ways – volunteering, leadership, mentoring, sports or event management.

Sportsperson of the Year: The successful recipients of this award will have displayed excellence in the sporting arena, representing their residence/floor/campus across a range of activities, demonstrating good sportsmanship and team spirit. 

Please complete the nomination form below. All students nominated for an award will be contacted to seek their approval of the nomination and further details regarding their suitability for the award.

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