Your AABC Nominating Committee is looking for members who are committed to the AABC mission, to birthing families, and have a  passion to serve both.  AABC has a diverse and creative membership. We are looking for hard working, dedicated and responsible members who enjoy working in a supportive group dynamic. Does this describe someone you know? Are you passionate about the work that AABC does? Do you know someone else who is? Please nominate yourself or someone you know who fits this description.
In 2019, we will be electing candidates for the following positions:
  • Director - Help in general governance, set goals and make strategic plans for the organization (3 year term).
  • Alternate Director - Serves a 1 year term or fulfills the term left in a Board vacancy.
With the passage of the revised bylaws (12/18), the officer positions, with the exception of the president, are now elected by the Board from the sitting Directors to serve a one year term. So while members are not directly voting for office 

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