Saturday, June 1, 2019 … 9 am to 3 pm 
Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center Auditorium, 1010 Murray Street, San Luis Obispo

The Twenty-Fourth District PTA is hosting a FREE county-wide competition of Battle of the Books (BOB).  During a BOB competition, teams of students earn points by answering questions about books they have read from a list of 30 pre-selected books.  Battle of the Books competitions are hosted at many schools throughout San Luis Obispo County each year, and several school districts host “District Battles” with students from all elementary schools in their districts. 

This is the fifth year a county-wide Battle will be held.  The purpose of Battle of the Books competitions is for “students to gain knowledge and enjoyment from reading good books, sharing them with friends, parents and teachers, plus a fun day of playing in the Battle” (  A love of reading should be a part of every well-rounded individual’s life and BOB competitions promote a love of reading in tens of thousands of students each year.  Battle of the Books provides experience for students in collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and use of critical thinking skills all in a fun and friendly competition setting.
Battle of the Books is open to ALL 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in San Luis Obispo County, including home-school and private school students.

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