This award is based on a preferential voting system and recognises excellence in service, professional ethics and good practice within the Large Format Retail sector. The individual can work either in leasing, sales or property management for a Large Format Retail site or Homemaker centre.

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* 1. Select your top 5 Leasing or Property Agents who you believe are worthy of the Retail Agent of the Year Award.(1 being your top vote) 

Only 1 Entry is permitted per LFRA Membership. If more than 1 Entry is received from a company the first entry received will be used in the final count. 

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ACTON: Conray Passaris
ACTON: Jonathan Kilborn
ACTON: Lee Bradshaw
Burgess Rawson: Arton Meka
Burgess Rawson: Cameron Hopkins
Burgess Rawson: Christopher Carcione
Burgess Rawson: David Mark
Burgess Rawson: Ed Cummins
CBRE: Andrew Brimson
CBRE: Dallas Sears
CBRE: Ethan Schofield
CBRE: Grace Henry-Hicks
CBRE: Richard Cash
CBRE: Ryan Arrowsmith
CBRE: Sam Macgregor
CBRE: Shane Cook
CBRE: Tom Abrecht
Citinova: Nathan Minicozzi
Citinova: Antonie Polimeni
Colliers: International: Chris Alcock
Colliers International: Craig Curran
Colliers International: Daniel Noonan
Colliers International: Jessica Martin
Colliers International: Leroy Wolland
Geon Property: Norelle Lawrence
Knapp Property Group: Tim Knapp
Leedwell Property: Chris Parry
Leedwell Property: John Savva
Leedwell Property: Karolina Perre
Leedwell Property: Nick Segran
Leedwell Property: Tom Perkins
Realmark Commercial: Andrew Riley
Realmark Commercial: Mike Rowe
Savills: Chas Moore
Savills: Chris Ireland
Savills: Joe Phegan
Savills: Nick Ljubic
Transact Capital: Alex GIsmondi
Transact Capital: Craig Sweeney
Transact Capital: Damian Crocetti
Transcend Property: Alistair Palmer
Vend Property: Jeff Klopper
Vend Property: Paul Davison
VPG Property: Craig Butler

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* 2. Voters Name:

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* 3. LFRA Membership - Company Name: