Thank you for taking a few moments to vote! The slate of officers below has volunteered to serve you, our members, in 2019. Please vote Yes or No for each candidate. If you do not know a candidate and do not feel comfortable casting a vote for their position, you may skip to the next candidate. 

Note that some positions are being co-chaired, such as Programs and Membership. The two people listed are not in competition for those positions, but are planning to collaborate to fulfill the role.

If you already cast your ballot at the September learning event at VW, thank you! Your vote has been recorded and you do not need to vote again.

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* 1. Choose Yes or No for the candidates below. If you do not know a candidate and do not feel comfortable voting, you may skip to the next candidate.

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President: David Cox
Treasurer: Madeline (Maddie) Hollis
Communication/Marketing: AJ Bembry
Secretary: Holly Barrett
Membership co-chair: Jonathan Cavett
Membership co-chair: Gary Hedges
Programs co-chair: Josh Cramer
Programs co-chair: Mary Sedrick
Past President: Sandra Neal

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