Alumni Association Board of Directors application

The purpose of the alumni association is to promote the professional, educational, economic, and social interests of Salem State University.

The association provides services which enlighten, strengthen and develop a unity of action among Salem State students, faculty, administration, trustees, alumni groups, and friends.

About Us
All graduates of the university are members of the alumni association. The Salem State Alumni Association Board of Directors serves on behalf of all alumni to maintain a relationship with the institution that is purposeful, reciprocal and rewarding.

To promote the educational, professional, economic, and social interests of Salem State
To foster lifelong loyalty and pride in the university
To strengthen the interaction between alumni and the student body
To develop ways to meet the changing and challenging needs of present and future alumni and the entire Salem State community

Deadline for applications is March 15, 2019

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* 1. Nominee's Information

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* 2. Referred to the board by (not required)

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* 3. Involvement in the community both in Salem and beyond

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* 4. Affiliations with Salem State post-graduation

  Yes No
Attended one or more alumni event
Spoke in a classroom
Stayed in contact with faculty and staff
Donated to the university
Attended an athletic game, club or group program
Referred Salem State to student
Attended the Salem State Series
Volunteered for an alumni committee or board
Follow SSU Alumni Association on social media

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* 5. Please list the activities you were involved in as a student.

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* 6. Letter of Intent (no more than 500 words):  Please state your reason(s) below for why you should be considered for an available position on the Salem State University Alumni Association Board of Directors. 

Nominations will not be considered until resumes are received.  Please send your resume along with any other pertinent information by email to or by mail to:

Salem State University
Alumni Affairs Office
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970