Call for Abstracts

Instructions: Please use this form to submit your abstract for consideration to be an emerging technology featured at the 2019 NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop on March 19-20 (Tuesday and Wednesday) in College Park, Maryland. All info will be submitted to the workshop's selection committee, and the appropriate Session Chair, for review. Selected applicants will be invited present their capability at the ETW by way of a 10-minute, in-person presentation to the workshop's plenary audience.

Deadline TBD: Due to the government-wide lapse in appropriations, the deadline for submitting an abstract for the 2019 ETW abstract is yet to be determined. We regret that it is impossible to set planning dates with certainty as long as the shutdown continues, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

While we cannot guarantee that any submission made after January 9, 2019 (the original deadline) will be eligible for consideration, we encourage interested parties to submit their abstract, even if this date has already passed. As long as this form remains available online, you may use it to submit an abstract.

As soon as the government shutdown ends, workshop organizers will assess and revise all planning dates related to the 2019 ETW. At that time, we will inform you as to whether or not we will be able to accept your abstract for consideration. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • To use this submission option, your emerging technology must already be NOAA-funded. While portions of the workshop will be devoted to capabilities funded by industry and academia, a significant portion of the workshop (on both days) will be devoted to observing systems capabilities that are already being funded, in-whole or in-part, by NOAA. In order to be eligible for this submission process, your proposed capability must currently be funded by NOAA.
  • The submission process for proposing a capability that is not funded by NOAA is different and separate from this form, and is being administered by NOAA AGO (Acquisition and Grants Office). If you would like to propose a capability that is not currently funded by NOAA, please do not submit this form, as your submission will not be accepted here. Instead, you must refer to the 2019 NOAA ETW RFI (Request for Information), as posted and administered by the NOAA AGO, on the website
  • Must be TRL 6 or higher. Your proposed capability must be TRL Level 6 or higher. For a complete listing of the TRLs and their descriptions, please click here.

Regarding this submission
form: This submission form has 12 questions, including two long-form essay questions about your proposed capability. Questions 1 through 8 are either short answer or multiple choice. Question 9 is equivalent to a descriptive abstract for your capability, and Question 10 asks