Welcome to the National and Regional Weed Science Societies Survey of the most Common and Troublesome Weeds in the U.S. and Canada. Your expertise is important and will be invaluable in highlighting weed species trends over time.

This year we are surveying weeds in the following areas:

1) Aquatic: irrigation, flood control
2) Aquatic: lakes, reservoirs, rivers
3) Aquatic: ponds
4) Forestry
5) Natural Areas: parks, wildlife refuges
6) Ornamentals: field nursery crops, outdoor containers, Christmas trees
7) Right-Of-Ways: railways, roads, public utilities

Please list the 5 most common and 5 most troublesome weeds for an area.

Common weeds are weeds you most frequently see. 

Troublesome weeds are those that are most difficult to control (but may not be widespread).

When listing your weeds, please be as specific as possible. Use the Latin name as per WSSA's Composite List of Weeds: http://wssa.net/weed/composite-list-of-weeds/ or USDA's Plants Database: https://plants.usda.gov

When finished, the survey will loop back to this start page for the opportunity to complete multiple surveys for different areas or locations.

For questions or comments, please contact Lee.VanWychen@wssa.net