* 1. What first inspired you to become involved with Town Cats (select all that apply):

* 2. How do you prefer to receive information from Town Cats?

  Strongly dislike Somewhat dislike Neutral - neither like or dislike Like and prefer Strongly like and prefer 
Direct USPS Mail
Social Media

* 3. Overall, how satisfied are you with Town Cats’ communication to you:

* 4. As highlighted in our Impact Report for 2015-2017, 85 cents of every dollar that we receive is spent directly on the cats. Based on this and what you know about our programs, do you feel Town Cats spends their money wisely, on the appropriate things?:

* 5. As outlined in our Impact Report for 2015-2017, we focus our time and money in 7 main areas. Please prioritize these areas from your perspective on what you feel are the most important for us to continue to focus on:

  High Medium Low
Foster/Basic Medical Care (hundreds of cats each year are fostered and get the required medical care from our vet and outside vet services)
Medical Care for unique and challenging cases (we take in and care for cats that need extensive medical treatment that may not be able to be provided by other shelters)
Adoptions (Averaged adopting almost 600 cats each year)
Working Cat Adoptions (Placed 120 cats into outdoor homes; these are cats that would not thrive in a normal home for behavioral reasons)
Feral Cat Programs (Provide support for the Trap/Spay/Neuter/Return program in Santa Clara County, resulting in the TNR of almost 3000 cats per year)
Community Support - Respond to over 1000 requests for help by email/phone per year
Community Support - Educational Workshops

* 6. Which of these types of events would you be most interested in attending to support Town Cats? Rate each option

  Definitely Yes Probably Yes Maybe Probably No Definitely No
Auction (Online or in person)
Informational Speaker Event
Informal Mixer
Fun Competition (Chili Cookoff, Pie Bakeoff, etc)
Walkathon/5K Type Event

* 7. We are in the process of updating our Strategic Plan to provide guidance for the organization in the coming 3-5 years. As part of that, we have set 3 high level goals for the 5-10 year timeframe, as outlined below. 
  • Santa Clara residents are adopting cats at all time high rates and return/surrender rates are lower than ever
  • Town Cats has an Endowed fund and a strong, thriving financial position that enables the continued support of expensive, challenging medical cases
  • Volunteers and paid staff work together to care for the cats, get them adopted, and help forge strong human/cat bonds across the County
To accomplish these goals, we will continue to focus on our 5 core program areas - Adoptions, Foster Care, Medical and Supportive Care, Community (Feral) Cats, and Community Outreach.

Are there any other goals or program areas that you would like us to consider including in our Strategic Plan?

* 8. Our Strategic Planning process is looking out 5+ years. Imagine that it is the year 2023 and Town Cats continues to be a thriving and successful organization, one that you continue to support. What has Town Cats done that inspired your continued support, and the support of others?

* 9. What is the most important thing that Town Cats could do to strengthen our relationship with you?

* 10. Have you donated to Town Cats in the past 24 months?