Program Support/Data Entry and Site Coordinator Application

Organizational Overview:
TECH CORPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring K-12 students have equal access to technology programs, skills and resources that enhance early learning and prepare them for college and career. TECH CORPS develops technology programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations across the country.

The mission of TECH CORPS is three-fold and is achieved through:
• PROGRAMS. Bringing additional technology resources to K-12 students and teachers through national, state and local programs such as Computing Career Corps, E4Tech, High School Coding Camp, Student Code Corps, Student TECH CORPS, Student WEB CORPS, Techie Camp, and Techie Club.
• PEOPLE. Recruiting and supporting tech-savvy volunteers from the community to advise and assist schools and youth-serving organizations in the integration of new technologies.
• PARTNERS. Increasing educational technology resources through partnerships with education, business, government and community.

The Program Support/Data Entry Assistant will work with TECH CORPS staff and Manager, Special Projects - JFS on all aspects of program implementation as needed. Support student outreach, recruitment, enrollment and orientation. Assist Manager, Special Projects - JFS with program site selection and prepping sites for program implementation (working with tech staff on software installation, room prep, etc.). Provide daily oversight and support to direct program staff as needed. Provide support to Program Specialist and other TECH CORPS staff as needed. Provide support to as needed. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following.  

Position: Program Support Assistant, Part-time/Seasonal Position
Location: Central 
Hours/Wage: $15.00/hour
Dates/Times: May 1 - September 30, Monday – Friday 
Time: 30-40 hours per week; Hours may vary

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
• Assist Manager, Special Projects - JFS with verifying and maintaining necessary participant information including but not limited to: TANF documentation, attendance records, emergency information, skill attainment, etc.
• Input program and student data into applicable database/platforms.
• Establish, maintain and assemble files and documentation in accordance with FCJFS standards.
• Prepare documentation for FCDJFS monitoring reviews/visits.
• Support SYEP staff to ensure successfully delivery of SYEP programs.
• Assist in drafting, editing and disseminating written communications.
• Prepare, duplicate and assemble program supply kits and materials.
• Deliver program materials to sites.
• Collect data, prepare and process reports for TECH CORPS as needed.
• Support the mission and goals of the organization across all programs.
• Some lifting/transporting heavy boxes throughout program duration.
• Performs other duties as needed to ensure the successful implementation of TECH CORPS programs.

Computing Career Corps Site Coordinator
TECH CORPS’ Computing Career Corps (CCC) is designed to strengthen students’ technology (computing) skills while at the same time exploring technology career pathways. The program introduces students to a variety of occupations in the field of technology including computer programming, software engineering, robotics and app development. Students will gain a solid understanding of the inner workings of technology and also use their newly acquired skills in the authentic task of creating solutions to everyday problems.

The Site Coordinator operates in an administrative and student support role as students complete the Computing Career Corps program. Site Coordinators serve at their assigned program site on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or a combination of days (based on their availability) from 4:00pm-7:00pm. The Computing Career Corps work experience runs from the end of January 2018 – the middle of May 2018.

Position: Site Coordinator, Part-Time, Temporary

Position Summary:
16-week Temporary Assignment:
(Paid) Training: Tentatively January 17-18, 2018 
Program: Late January – Mid May (2 weeks off for Spring Break)

Hours/Wage: $15.00/hour
4-16 hours/week (3/hours a night + 1/hour/night for additional responsibilities including administrative tasks and team meetings)

Locations: Multiple locations across Columbus
Student WEB CORPS is an 8-week “summer work experience” for in-school students, ages 14-17 years old is designed to strengthen students’ web development, project management and professionalism skills and to apply those skills in the authentic task of building a website for a small business, organization or cause. Students work 25/hours a week and earn $10.00/hour. Eligible students apply to participate in the program and are assigned to one of the Student WEB CORPS worksites. Each cohort (up to 25 student-employees) is supported by two Worksite Supervisor-Instructors and a Site Coordinator.


Student WEB CORPS will be implemented in partnership with K-12 school districts and nonprofit partners in Central and Northeast Ohio.
Computing Career Corps and Student WEB CORPS Site Coordinators will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully implement the respective program:


-Minimum associate’s degree; preferred Bachelor’s degree in human resources, education, or related field preferred.
-Computer literate in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Access.
-Ability to work with staff and clients to include public schools and/or other community organizations.
-Possess basic knowledge and/or have experience leading, coaching or teaching groups.
-Previous experience working with diverse populations and/or urban teenagers is a plus.
-Ability to multitask with strong attention to detail and the ability to perform under deadline pressure.
-Ability to be adaptable and flexible.
-Ability to self-motivate and take initiative.
-Exemplary customer service skills and the ability to accommodate different situations and temperaments.
-Demonstrated professionalism (time management, appearance, dependability) and strong work ethic.
-Previous experience working with diverse populations and/or urban teenagers is a plus.


The Computing Career Corps and Student WEB CORPS Site Coordinator is primarily responsible for assisting Supervisor/Instructors with the successful completion of the Student WEB CORPS summer work experience. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

-Attend training session prior to camp start date
-Prepare and process paperwork for participant eligibility.
-Maintain case/files on all assigned participants.
-Serve as liaison/point of contact for assigned worksites.
-Meets with worksite supervisor regarding the integration of work duties and administrative requirements.
-Collaborate with worksite supervisors on a daily basis to coordinate daily/weekly reports (to include newsletter).
-Responsible for all requests made by assigned worksite regarding weekly reports, final report and youth concerns.
-Collect data, prepare and process reports for TECH CORPS.
-Maintains a weekly log to document attendance, timesheets and youth progress.
-Collect, verify and process weekly timesheets for Supervisor/Instructors and student-employees
-Assists youth in the development of their Objective Assessment and Individual Service Strategy.
-Administer and collect mid-point and final evaluations
-Attend weekly meeting with staff regarding documentation, statistics of enrollee progress and program compliance.
-Contact any student who has an unexplained absence to discuss progress, offer assistance and encourage retention including documenting contact with absent students.
-Perform other duties as needed for the successful implementation of the program