Nominations Open through June 20th, 2018

Our industry is driven by safety and it is our goal to recognize those individuals that perpetuate and inspire safety wherever they go. These front-line safety champions may have official or unofficial roles within an organization. They influence and promote a safety culture at every turn. This elite champion receiving the UAA Silver Shield Award will hold this title for life. You know this all-star because he/she coaches and mentor’s new recruits and seasoned-tenured employees alike. Paramount is
understanding the importance of safety and improving the system. 

We will be accepting applications for the 2018 Silver Shield Award starting now through June 20th, 2018. 
Please be sure to alert the appropriate manager / supervisor of the person you are nominating so arrangements can be made to have them attend the UAA Annual meeting at the Trees & Utilities Conference.  Be sure the award nomination is also kept a surprise if possible. 

Please fill out the following application to share why you feel this person exemplifies a true safety champion.

Upon final selection process, interviewing final candidates and references may be required.

* 1. Thank you for nominating someone you feel meets the UAA Silver Shield Award recognition. What is YOUR name, company, title, phone number and email.

* 2. Please tell us your nominee's name, company, title, phone number and email.

* 3. Focus 

A safety champion is an individual who is focused on the health and safety of all individuals at home, at play, and at work. Safety First, 100% of the time, home or at work, on and off the job! They are an educator to those around them, an intervener in poor practices and leader by communication and demonstration of personal conduct of health and safety.

How does your nominee best represent this category?

* 4. Passion

A passion for the utility arborist profession. Someone that “walks the walk” with safety. This person should have a reputation of not just being safe, but promoting safety. Goes above and beyond, more than a job, volunteerism (i.e. committee, conferences), contributes to the industry (i.e. body of work).

How does your nominee best represent this category?

* 5. Knowledge

Knowledge and obedience of common safety standards; going above and beyond them on a daily basis. Leads by example both on the job and at home when it comes to working and playing safely. Admitting to their own failures in regard to safety so that others can learn from it. The ability to bring a new approach to common safety issues, new ideas that are possibly "outside the box" and not afraid to attempt to expand in the area of safety. Always aware of what is going on around them, their surroundings and what to do to consistently and constantly improve.

How does your nominee best represent this category?

* 6. Team Player

A safety champion supports the safety culture by being a team player, a go to person and leader who will help any teammate without ego. A safety Champion promotes safe work practices, employee participation, and communicates the need to be safe effectively. A safety champion embraces the personal responsibility to be safe and will look for any and all opportunities to improve the status quo for everyone around them. A safety champion understands that a safety culture needs constant management of its climate and is willing to step up and make necessary changes to improve the safety culture no matter what “level” they are in a company.

How does your nominee best represent this category?

* 7. Leader/Commitment

A safety champion is an individual within an organization who has the power and ability to influence health and safety policies, procedures and practices, and who uses that influence and ability to help create a culture of safety. Safety Champions create top-down safety policies and practices across their organizations and ensure that every employee receives proper orientation and training and that regular safety visits and updated training sessions are conducted. They lead by example and are “coaches” who believe in Servant Leadership. They practice Value Based Safety and respect the people whom they lead. Safety Champion: A person who is a role model in the world of safety. Always willing to be a “brother’s keeper” when around any work area.

One who connects with all employees, is looked up to for advice and one who is respected for not only acting safely, following the rules, but acts with common sense and is able to clearly communicate the simpler picture of why a rule or safety policy was created and how it impacts the daily operation starting with each task. The person not afraid to seek help, offer feedback on their work practices and of those observed.

How does your nominee best represent this category?