"Supplemental Funding" Explanation

Because of your help, CORE is eligible for State Supplemental funding this year, approximately $535,000. 

This Supplemental funding is based on the information the school requests on the Household Data Collection (HDC) form regarding potential eligibility for "Free and Reduced Lunch."  While CORE doesn't provide lunch, the basis for the supplemental funding is whether 40% of CORE students would be eligible if there was a school lunch program. 

Supplemental funding will continue to come to CORE only as long as an average of 40% of our students are identified in this group.   

The Charter Advisory Council is charged with identifying how the supplemental funding will be used to support student academic progress and help build a positive school culture . 

This survey is an opportunity for families, staff, and constituents to identify the areas of need so that the funds are utilized in a way that supports these goals.

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