What Does the Future Hold for You?

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* 3. Which Post-High School Option do you think you will pursue?

* 4. How sure are you about your plans?

* 5. Which aspects of post-high school planning would you like help with?

* 6. How would you like to receive information about post-high school planning?

  email classroom visits from counselors text alerts counseling department website
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* 7. Please provide your email address so your counselor can contact you to help with post-high school planning & the college admissions process:

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* 9. If you plan to apply to universities, which aspects of the application process do you want help with?

* 10. On a scale of 1-5 how "stressed out" are you about the college application process and getting in to the colleges you want?

  1 - no problem - I'm relaxed 2 - a little worried - but I know I can handle it 3 - worried but know that with help I will be ok 4 - really worried & anxious about getting in to the colleges I want 5 - so anxious that I'm losing sleep 
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