Call for Presentations

The Healthcare Association of Hawai'i (HAH) has been the leading voice of healthcare in Hawaii since 1939. Please click here to learn more about our membership, focus, and efforts.

The 2018 HAH Inaugural Conference aims to engage and inspire professionals from across various healthcare and social service systems to advance our collective goal of building a stronger, healthier Hawaii. We invite and encourage you to consider sharing your knowledge and subject matter expertise to inspire, engage, and challenge health care and social service professionals in Hawaii to advance the greater good and health of our community. We are excited to announce that we are accepting proposals for presentations that focus on one of the following four themes:
  1. Addressing social determinants of health.The purpose of this track is to share new knowledge with attendees that addresses social determinants of health and reduces health disparities. We invite you to submit a proposal to share you expertise on emerging trends and best practices that promote health equity and holistic models of health care. 
  2. Advancing trauma-informed care. The purpose of this track is to share insights and new knowledge that support the integration of trauma-informed care principles into practice. In addition, we are looking for presentations that will offer attendees information, tools, and solutions to promote workplace wellness, address compassion fatigue, and promote self-care for helping professionals. 
  3. Focusing on behavioral health across the lifespan. The purpose of this track is to introduce attendees to different interventions and best practices for promoting mental health and wellness among diverse populations. We welcome a broad range of presentations that will introduce practical skills for optimizing behavioral health and for better managing patients with complex behavioral health needs. 
  4. Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health. The purpose of this track is to educate providers, administrators, and other stakeholders to best practices and policies for integrating primary care and behavioral health in various settings across the continuum of care. We invite submissions that will offer attendees information, tools, and solutions to various integration related topics, including but not limited to: integrated care models, approaches to implementation, workforce challenges and opportunities, clinical practice guidelines, issues specific to operations and administration, and bringing innovation to scale.  
We welcome and encourage you to consider other potential topics within these four themes to inspire, engage, and challenge our conference attendees. Proposals should be interactive, engaging, and relevant. 

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