Guidelines & Application

Purpose:  To provide funds through AtlantiCare’s Growing Green initiative to sustain community gardens and support the successful of farmer's markets. Non-profit organizations with existing community gardens are eligible to apply for a $250 Growing Green Community Garden Sustainability Grant. This funding opportunity will be available between March 1, 2018 and July 30, 2018 to applicants.

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for a 2018 Community Garden Sustainability Grant applicants must meet and agree to the following criteria: 
*Applicant must be a non-profit organization within Atlantic County, Cape May County and/or southern Ocean County, New Jersey.
*Applicant must submit the grant application completed in its entirety to AtlantiCare through this online form. 
*Applicant must be willing to allow AtlantiCare to publicize their involvement with the Growing Green Initiative through a variety of media channels.
*Applicant must agree to an AtlantiCare site visit to view the organization’s garden efforts.  
*Applicant must agree to participate in conducting a short survey at the end of the award period which will measure the impact of this funding opportunity.  

2018 Awards: 
All awards will be provided in advance and will be restricted to the enhancement of the organization’s garden initiative. All grant dollars are to be used for education, activities, and support materials: they are not to be used for salaries or staff stipends. Applicants will be required to complete a brief budget overview. If at any time, AtlantiCare feels that the grant dollars aren’t being used appropriately, AtlantiCare has the right to request a refund for all monetary awards.  

Site Visits/ Photos:  
AtlantiCare would like to see your organization’s efforts at work!  *During the growing season please submit a minimum of 3 photos of the funded programming to AtlantiCare may also request a site visit to see your gardening efforts and bounty. We will be reaching out to the organization in advance to schedule this visit at your convenience.  Please also feel free to invite AtlantiCare to any events that your organization hosts as a result of these grant dollars.  We look forward to seeing your efforts in action!
Questions/ Assistance:
If at any time a problem or question arises, please feel free to contact:  

* 1. Please complete the fields below:

* 2. Proposal Overview: Briefly describe how you anticipate implementing the Community Garden Sustainability Grant by your organization.

* 3. Addressing Nutrition and/or Physical Activity: Explain how this award will be applied to increase physical activity and/or improve nutritional education and opportunities.

* 4. Please list up to three (3) benefits you expect your organization members to gain as a result of this program.

* 5. Project Scope: Please provide a brief description of how your proposed efforts will be carried out.

* 6. Project Scope: How many organization members will be engaged and/or do you anticipate engaging?

* 7. Please list any challenges you anticipate in regards to applying the Community Garden Sustainability Grant.

* 9. Describe how these efforts will be sustained beyond the grant period.

* 10. Agreement: Please check boxes indicating you understand and agree to these terms.