Marketing Award Nominations - 2018 CIMA Awards Gala! 


Innovation knows no bounds in the digital era, and creative approaches to promotional campaigns, be they viral, experiential or lifestyle-focused, make for an exciting landscape in which to launch new projects.

Whether for music releases, tour announcements, fan engagement initiatives, cutting-edge activations or anything in between, Canada's independent community knows how to turn heads and command attention for its artists, whether budgets and teams are large or small.

This award acknowledges the marketing power, creativity and inventive fire of our indies. Companies and individuals who delivered exceptionally successful and unique marketing campaigns in support of independent Canadian music are invited to submit nominations for consideration.

  • Nominee must be a CIMA member in good standing (Canadian-owned and controlled)
  • Artist/group must be Canadian
  • Campaign must have been executed between January 1, 2015 and February 1, 2018
  • Metrics to measure the success of an eligible campaign must be provided (sales, ROI, press, hits, etc.)
A shortlist of nominees will be adjudicated by an independent jury of marketing and industry professionals - creative applications and metrics are encouraged in supporting the very nature of the award!

Please note: nominator information will be kept private.

Past Winners:
Arts & Crafts for Gord Downie’s 'Secret Path' (2017)
Coalition Music & USS for ‘Advanced Basics’ (2016)

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* 1. Nominee Information

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* 2. Are you a CIMA member in good standing?

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* 3. What campaign you are nominating?

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* 4. Overview of campaign concept/execution

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* 5. Overview of campaign results

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* 6. Did you access funding from any funding bodies to support this campaign? Please state which organizations, if applicable.

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* 7. Optional links to any supporting documentation to quantify the success of the campaign being nominated (graphics, reports, websites, social media, videos, press, charts, etc.)

Documentation of results: in addition to links, you may email documents to support the success of the campaign being nominated to