Collaboration is defined as the action of working with one or more people to produce or create something. The basis of the MCC is collaboration – organizations working together to control cancer in Michigan.
Collaboration can occur internally within one organization or it can occur with two or more different organizations. Has your organization engaged in any exciting collaborative projects this past year? If so, please consider nominating the project for a Spirit of Collaboration Award.

Spirit of Collaboration Award Nominations are due by Friday, August 24, 2018.

1. Your nomination should focus on the MCC cancer plan objectives:
  • Prevent cancer from occurring
  • Promote early detection of cancer using tests that have been shown to reduce mortality
  • Diagnose and treat all patients using the most effective and appropriate methods
  • Optimize quality of life for every person affected by cancer 
2. Your nomination should also address how these MCC cancer plan pillars were included in the project:
  • Implementation of policy, system and environmental changes
  • Promoting health equity
3.  Please:
  • Do not use jargon or language that is not clearly spelled out/elaborated on
  • Write the application clearly as if you were writing for a lay person
  • Keep acronyms to a minimum and be sure to spell out the first time what the acronym stands for.
 Note: Outcomes indicating project success are important to include.

* 1. What is the name of your collaborative project?

* 2. Is the project community-based or research-based?

* 3. Who are the collaborating partners?

* 4. What MCC objective does your collaboration address?

* 5. Does this collaboration address one of these MCC pillars?

* 6. Please fully describe your collaborative project.

* 7. What was the impetus for the collaboration?

* 8. What are the significant achievements or outcomes that resulted from the collaboration? (Please include available data as appropriate)

* 9. What are the important lessons learned as a result of your collaboration?

* 10. Why do you think this collaborative is exemplary?

* 11. Please provide your name.

* 12. Please provide your organization's name.

* 13. Please provide your work phone number.

* 14. Please provide your email address.

Thank you for completing the 2018 Spirit of Collaboration Nomination process. Please select the DONE button to submit your nomination.