October 22-26, 2018 ~ Manhattan, KS

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Consumer Lending
Real Estate Lending
Commercial Lending
Agricultural Lending
Loan Administration
Credit Analysis
Public Relations
Customer Service
Business Development/Sales
Personal Trust

* 13. Educational Experience: Given the intermediate level of the Commercial Lending School, an understanding of the following areas is necessary. Indicate how you acquired education in the following areas (College courses, ABA Training Classes, etc.). If a basic understanding is not indicated, your nominating officer must submit a letter or you should register for the Principles of Commercial Lending School.

* 14. Please provide a brief summary of your major responsibilities in the bank:

* 16. Enrollment Agreement:  I have read the School brochure and agree to abide by assigned housing arrangements and all requirements for completion of this School.  I consent to the release of grades and other performance measures to my employer.