Curiosity is the attribute that unites qualitative researchers the world over. Curiosity about people and their lives, about society at large and individual communities, but also a hunger for the latest new thinking, whether it be from academia, the business world, or even popular culture.

Curiosity is what gets us out of bed in the morning and carries us through those long working hours. But we need to invest in it, to continually fuel it, in order to keep our edge. This conference is about coming together to inspire and stimulate…to ensure we “Stay Curious”. 

QRCA and AQR are delighted to present the 9th Biennial Conference on Qualitative Research. We will meet in the fabulous city of Valencia, Spain, from Wednesday, May 16 through Friday, May 18, 2018, at the Westin Hotel Valencia.

The joint conference committee welcomes your proposals, which should be submitted online, on or before November 2, 2017. All are welcome, and you may submit more than one proposal.

"Stay Curious" is our theme, and it may itself spark an idea for a submission  – but if you need more, we are looking for original, provocative content on some of the following areas:
  • We are living in "interesting times". Our daily news features Brexit, Trump, tribalism, transgenderism, and a shifting view of "free speech".  We are told we live in a world of upheaval, but is it true? How real is the change and what does it mean for marketers?
  • System One thinking is now mainstream -  or is it? Do we still have things to learn about behavioural economics? Have we moved from theory to project application? What is the next big thing we should be aware of in the behavioral sciences?
  • The next big thing may be happening now. What new thinking is happening out there that we can use to help our understanding of people and help solve client problems? Is it evolutionary psychology? Identity politics? Let’s hear about theory, but more importantly, how we can apply it.
  • Thought leaders are fearless in the pursuit of truth. Challenging assumptions is critical for leaders in the research space. Do you have an assumption or sacred cow to challenge? Go ahead, be controversial!
  • Sources of inspiration abound. What has inspired you and made a difference in your work? How do we keep enthusiastic and in love with research, to avoid going on autopilot? How we keep our clients engaged and curious?
  • New insights illuminate familiar categories. How do we find new insights in heavily researched markets? What new methodologies can we use to get beyond the known? 
All sessions are plenary sessions at this conference. While we are not being prescriptive about topics, please be aware of the format options:
  1. 20 minute presentation (individual or joint presenters, from the stage)
  2. Creative format (we’re curious to see what you envision!)
As always at QRCA and AQR events, presentations of a commercial nature are unwelcome. If the primary purpose of the presentation is to solicit business, that presentation is not suitable for this conference.

The committee may follow up with additional questions in writing if needed, but selections will be made by December 15, 2017, to allow adequate time for speakers to prepare engaging presentations.

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Who will be your primary target? How will your presentation be relevant to them? What are the most valuable benefits they will take away?

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Please outline the content and key ideas of your session, and what the experience will be like for attendees.

* Themes
How does your proposed idea relate to the overall theme of "Stay Curious"?

* Prior Exposure
This conference will focus on new material. Will any of the material you're proposing have been presented or published prior to this conference? If so, please explain.

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* Availability of content
If your proposal relies on research in progress, please indicate if there are any risks that key information will not be available in time to meet the presenter deadlines outlined above.

* English
Many attendees at this conference speak English as a second language, so it is important for all sessions to be written and presented in clear English. If you have any concerns about this, please indicate what types of support you might need, such as editing, proofreading, a stand-in presenter to deliver your presentation in English or other help. 

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