Celebrating new voices in fleet management, the Fleet Visionary Award is open to any fleet professional (fleet manager, fleet analyst, fleet executive, etc.) with 10 years or fewer in the industry with a commercial fleet of 50 vehicles or more. A fleet visionary is someone who has brought a new perspective to running a commercial fleet with the result that the fleet is more operationally efficient, cost-effective, safer, or any combination of these by introducing new methods, efficiencies, and/or technologies.

The Fleet Visionary may or may not be a fleet manager, but has taken an active leadership role as a new voice in the company's fleet organization to promote and champion innovation even in the face of internal or external opposition. The visionary isn't just someone with a good idea. He or she is part salesman, part number cruncher, part coach, part quarterback — able to both inspire and get things done. A fleet visionary is passionate and practical.

To nominate someone (self-nominations are permitted), clearly state why the nominee is a visionary, bringing a new voice and perspective to fleet challenges in 250 words or fewer.

Nominations must be submitted by close of business (Pacific Time) on Friday, July 27.

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