2018 National Oncology Specialty Conference Scholarship

National Oncology Specialty Conference of applicants choice-i.e., Breast, Radiation Oncology, BMT, Hematology, etc. Conference to be attended by December 2018.

One - $2,000.00 scholarship to support a registered nurse interested in improving cancer care by developing their personal knowledge as a result of attending a national oncology focused conference and sharing this new knowledge with others.

·      Scholarship recipient will write a brief article for the PSONS e- Newsletter or PSONS web site.

·      Each recipient will receive their award by providing receipts for travel, meals and lodging expenses along with Continuing Education Certificate(s).

* 1. Have you been a member of ONS & PSONS continuously for a minimum of 1 year?

* 2. ONS Membership Number

* 3. Applicant Full Name:

* 4. Home Address

* 5. Home Phone:

* 6. Email address:

* 7. Years as Nurse

* 8. Years as an Oncology Nurse

* 9. Place of Employment:

* 10. Years employed with current employer:

* 11. Position/Title:

* 12. Work Phone:

* 13. Are you an?

* 14. What oncology specialty conference would this scholarship apply towards?

* 15. Essay: Describe in 350 words or less:
·      Your current role in cancer nursing.
·      How participation at this educational opportunity will improve your practice.
·      How you plan to utilize and share the information obtained to improve cancer care.

* 16. Insert essay word count (essay must be 350 words or less)

* 19. Signature (electronic accepted)