The Rance R. Willis Planner Development Scholarship Application


* 1. Demographics

* 2. Section I - Scholarship Amount Sought

* 3. Section II - Information About Your Membership

* 4. Number of Meetings Planned (December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017) Max 25 points

* 5. Level of Decision-Making Responsibilities at Meetings.  Choose all that apply (Max 15 points)

* 6. Check the category that applies for the services you utilized at your largest meeting (based on number of attendees, or amount of money spent (Max 20 points)

* 7. Property Used for Question 6 (must be included and may be verified)

* 8. Number of Chapter Meetings Attended (Max 10 points)

* 9. Certifications Held (Max 7 points)

* 10. Have you ever attended an SGMP National Education Conference? (Max 20 points)

* 11. Have you ever received a national scholarship to the NEC?

* 12. Have you ever received a chapter scholarship to the NEC?

* 13. Educational Contact Hours Documentation

* 14. Verification - I confirm that the information included factually represents my meeting planning responsibilities and activities during the period December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017.

* 15. I confirm that my supervisor has approved my application and will approve time away from work to attend the 2018 conference (supervisor may be contacted for verification).

* 16. I agree, if selected, to attend all educational sessions, general sessions, the Sam Gilmer Awards Banquet and the Expo at the 2018 National Education Conference.  In addition, I will moderate at least two educational sessions and complete all other duties assigned to me.  In exchange for complimentary registration and/or lodging and/or transportation, I accept accountability for all NEC-related tasks (on-site and off-site) assigned to me as a part of this scholarship agreement.  My failure to abide by this agreement could result in a request for full or partial repayment of the scholarship awarded to me.

Clicking Done submits your application, which must be received by 5pm, EST.  Late applications will not be accepted, and there is no allowance for time zone differences.  Please direct any questions to