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Growing enterprises, acquisitions and BYOD have led to a significant increase in endpoints per organization. When coupled with global teams, remote workers and multiple operating systems, it can seem an impossible task to manage endpoint populations that number in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, effectively. In this survey, we will examine the current state of integrated and automated endpoint management, the problems that IT managers are currently dealing with, the decisions that impact (or allow an organization to determine) the true cost of  endpoint management tools, and what the future holds for this ever-growing task.

This survey should be taken by professionals responsible for managing or securing endpoints (workstations and servers). SANS will be awarding a $400 Amazon gift card to ONE LUCKY winner (see how to register to win at the end of the survey). 

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For the purpose of this survey, SANS is defining endpoints as “computational” devices, including PCs and servers. These devices have a designated operating system that accommodates one or more named users and falls into two basic categories:
1) End User Workstations (including desktops, laptops, virtualized workstations, ATMs and Point of Sale systems)
2) Server (including file, database, application, Web services and network services)

* 1. Are you responsible for managing or securing endpoints such as PCs, laptops or servers?