Last year, the SANS application security survey looked at how application security programs kept pace with increasing speed of delivery in agile and DevOps organizations. But integrating security into DevOps requires more than speed—to be truly effective, it requires new mindsets, processes and tools. Security and risk management leaders must adhere to the collaborative, agile nature of DevOps to be seamless and transparent in the development process, but certain factors are holding back the incorporation of security into the software development lifecycle as seamlessly as possible.

This year, SANS intends to delve into the specific challenges and risks that organizations are finding as they start to converge the two often disparate practices processes and platforms involved in development and security in a unified Secure DevOps. This new survey will examine the emergence of the integration of development, IT and security, as well as explore the implications for practitioners. Results will be addressed at the Secure DevOps Summit & Training 2018, Oct. 22–29, 2018, and the associated webcasts will be held Nov. 8 and 9, 2018.

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