Rural Counts: 10 Strategies for Rural North Carolina's Future, outlines the economic development imperatives that should guide our action today and be the measure of our success going forward.

We have spent the past six months on the road, visiting rural communities from Murphy to Nags Head, to hear from you what within these strategies should be top priorities for the Rural Center going forward.

You told us that three major issues rose to the top:
1) Broadband
2) Health Care
3) Entrepreneurship

We are now focusing on identifying where we, along with you, can make some real progress in each of these areas. And we want to hear where you think we should start.

The following survey will ask you which of these areas you care about, and what's happening in your local community that you think could be addressed by collaborative statewide efforts.

We'll use your feedback to identify key policy opportunities that could be taken up at the state or federal level.

And, don't worry! We'll make sure to loop back to you with what we're thinking, so you can let us know if the ideas we're exploring will actually work for you.

If you want to be a part of the process of identifying these policy solutions, lets us know! The survey is anonymous, but you can give us your info at the end, if you'd like to help out going forward.

Now...let's get started!