Nominations Open through June 20th, 2018

The Utility Arborist Association is the leading North American organization for the enhancement of quality utility arboriculture and right-of-way management. Our success relies on the support we receive from all of our members, sponsors, and volunteers.

Companies that go above and beyond to support our mission will be recognized annually. Membership, sponsorship, advertising, active committee volunteerism, and many other means have been quantified and assigned a value, all adding up to equal your PinE Score.

We are now taking applications for the 2017 PinE Awards through June 20th, 2018.
** Note that the PinE Award is from the previous UAA fiscal year ** 

Winners will be announced at the UAA Annual Meeting in Omaha at the Trees & Utilities Conference. 


* 1. Please tell us about yourself and your company.

* 2. In 2017; please tell us how many employees were active UAA members?

* 3. In 2017; who from your company sat on a UAA committee

* 4. Please choose the number of years that best reflects your company's history of commitment with the Utility Arborist

* 5. Please tell us about your company in 500 words or less.

* 6. In 2016; how much did your company support the UAA in total dollars for each item listed below for the entire calendar year?

* 7. The PinE Program is to recognize and honor those companies that have supported the Utility Arborist Association.  Please share any additional content that you feel reflects your company's commitment.