2018 Permit Feedback


Survey Structure

If you are prepared to provide specific, yet limited, feedback, this survey will take less than 30 minutes.

This survey has three main sections:

1.       Comments on the Phase II permit

2.       Comments on the Phase I permit, and

3.       Other comments

The first half of each permit section is a series of checkboxes to assess the level of interest in each section of the permit. 

The second half of each permit section is completely optional and provides a comment box to include more detail on edits and comments for specific permit sections.  You can include multiple comments in each comment box.  The survey is limited to comments on five sections per permit; this is an artificial limitation of the survey. If you want to provide comments on more than five sections in one permit please feel free to fill out a second survey.


Background and Purpose

An ad hoc group of western Washington municipal permit holders has started investigating if and how a more collaborative approach may lead to better permits and better working relationships among stakeholders.

The purpose of this survey is to identify areas of common interest that will be used to develop agendas for a series of thematically organized meetings for the region’s interested and effected stakeholders.  We are hoping these meetings will:

·          Provide the opportunity to develop a shared understanding of the permit language’s purpose.

·          Identify and suggest small changes to the permit that may result in substantial improvements.

·          Build a more productive relationship among stormwater stakeholders, and with Ecology.

Previous permit review cycles have often focused on the “big ticket items”. While we want to identify these “big items,” we recognize that working on smaller issues may provide more benefit now, and create an atmosphere that allows us to later tackle more complex topics.  In that vein, this survey is designed to find out where there is an opportunity to provide suggested changes to existing permit language.

Thank you for participating in this process.

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