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How can the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce best serve your business and promote a healthy local economy?
The Chamber is looking to our members to evaluate our progress, identify opportunities for improvement and share your vision for the future of this organization and our community.

* 1. What is the name of your company?

* 2. What is your title/ role in your company?

* 3. What is the size of your business?

* 4. Which industry category best describes your business?

* 5. The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is

* 6. Are you currently a member of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce? Please note, we are interested in feedback from both members and non-members for purposes of this survey.

* 7. Please rate the priority of these economic development initiatives to improving the local economy.

  Very important Important Relevant Modestly relevant Not important
Marketing the region as a good place to visit.
Marketing the region as a good place to do business.
Talent development and attraction.
Recruiting new businesses to the region.
Supporting entrepreneurship and startup activity.
Supporting existing businesses.
Community beautification.
School to work transition.
Developing business friendly civic leaders.

* 8. What is the biggest challenge that impacts the ability of the local economy to flourish?

* 9. What is the biggest opportunity for the chamber and the local business community in the next three years?

* 10. What is the biggest factor that impacts the ability of your business to succeed?

* 11. In 2017, I participated in the following chamber events or groups

* 12. If offered I would be interested in participating in the following groups or events.

* 13. As we plan for future seminars & workshops, which topics or discussions would you like to see presented by the chamber?

* 14. Monday - Friday, which times are you most available to attend seminars, workshops & events?

* 15. How frequenty does your schedule allow you to participate in Chamber events that may be of interest to you?

* 16. What factor influences my decision to attend chamber events the most?

* 17. Are you interested in receiving the following information from the Chamber?

* 18. What is the method(s) of communication you prefer to receive notices for events and other programs?

* 19. What Chamber communication mediums do you read/use?

* 20. As a business leader, why do you engage with the chamber?

  Most Important Important Relevant Modestly relevant Not applicable to my business
 To promote my business through networking or advertising.
To build my professional network.
To enhance my business credibility.
To support efforts that brings visitors to the region.
To become educated on business/community issues.
To build a better business environment for our region
I don’t, but I appreciate the chamber works on behalf of my business and/or community.

* 21. How valuable is your Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce membership

* 22. What can the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce do to increase the value of your membership?

* 23. What is the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce not doing, that you believe we should be doing?

* 24. Would you like a Chamber representative to contact you to discuss how you can get the most from your chamber membership?

* 25. Would you be interested in learning about opportunities to promote your business by advertising and/or event sponsorship?

* 26. Do  you have other commerts, questions or concerns you would like to share with Chamber staff and the Board of Directors?