Introduction: welcome to our survey 介绍:欢迎参加问卷调查

Dear Morgan Philips business associate,
尊敬的博禹Morgan Philips合作伙伴,

Thank you for taking part in Morgan Philips Group's 2018 Greater China Talent Report online survey. Your participation will take less than 10 minutes and ensures that you receive a complimentary e-copy of the published report. Our survey is now in its 8th edition with thousands of respondents annually from Greater China and compiles valuable information on workforce trends. This year, we aim to explore job promise, culture, and digital impact to the current workplace.  
感谢您参与2018年度博禹大中华区人才环境调查。本在线调查最多占用您10分钟,完成调查后,您将会收到本次出版的电子版调查报告。我们的年度调研现已进入第八版,每年都有来自大中华地区的数千名受访者汇集有关人才趋势的宝贵信息。 今年,我们的目标是探索人才对于职位的承诺、企业文化评估及数字化对于工作的影响。

All information you share is strictly confidential. Only aggregated and anonymous statistics will be published.

Many thanks for sharing your valuable insights.

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