2018 Legends Award Criteria

The Legends Award pays tribute to women whose work embodies the mission of the Women’s Foundation. The purpose of the award is to applaud these Honorees, whose visionary and innovative work is paramount in their specialized areas of outreach.

 Legends Award Honoree Eligibility Criteria
1. Award recipients must exemplify the mission of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis in one of the award categories.

2. Award recipients must have served the Memphis Community for 10 years or more.

3. Individuals may be nominated in multiple award categories.

4. An individual may not receive more than one Legends Award.
5. Individuals are eligible posthumously.

Legends Award Nomination Requirements
Anyone may nominate an individual for the Legends Award. Nominations should be made without the candidate's knowledge and must include the items listed below.

- Completed Legends Award nomination form

- Letter of support from someone other than nominator

- A photo of nominee (digital photos should be at least 600 dpi.)

- (Optional) Additional materials (newspaper/magazine articles, acknowledgements, etc.)
Nominations should be specific about the achievements for which the award is proposed. Clear, concise information about the accomplishments of the nominee is preferred. Only complete nominations will be considered. Nominations submitted after Friday, January 26, 2018 will not be considered.

Awards Categories
*If nominating an individual in more than one category you must complete a nomination form for each award.

Philanthropy and Leadership Award
A woman who has made outstanding financial donations to not-for-profit organizations, has demonstrated leadership through community service including civic, cultural, economic, charitable, recreational or educational and generously volunteers her time and talent to benefit a segment of our community.

Catalyst Award
A visionary that demonstrates selfless dedication to creating positive change in the community and through activism, public and civic services has empowered constituencies, strengthened participation, inspired movements, and/or has instituted an organization or foundation, or was the first in her field. 

Innovation Award
A woman who has transformed her chosen field, has served as a role model to other fields, and has had a significant impact on advancing not only their own institutional interests, but also the broader interests of the community.