2018 Kentucky Balance of State K-Count Regional Training Registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 K-Count, Kentucky's annual point-in-time count of individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  Trainings are free and open to the public.  The 2018 K-Count includes two components: a sheltered count conducted in emergency shelters and transitional housing programs and an unsheltered count of persons residing outside or in other places not meant for human habitation on January 31 .
Please note this training is for the Kentucky Balance of State, which includes all Kentucky counties except Fayette and Jefferson. Louisville and Lexington organize their own counts and their counts are being conducted on a separate date from the Kentucky Balance of State, so please contact Louisville’s Coalition for the Homeless or Lexington’s Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention for more information.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Organization Name (if applicable)

* 4. Email Address

* 5. Phone Number

* 6. Pick a Training Date and Location (Click here to view counties included in each region). Training locations will be posted on the KHC website under Specialized Housing, K-Count.