The Public Space Recycling Bin Grant Program supports local community recycling initiatives by providing selected grant recipients with receptacles for the collection of beverage container recyclables.

Applications will only be received through this form and must be submitted by Dec. 30, 2018 (11:59 pm EST)

Like most programs, advanced planning is key to implementing a highly successful program.  In order to complete this application, please be prepared to address the following aspects of your public space recycling program:

1.     Your current recycling activities, collection, and processing infrastructure;
2.     Assessment or estimate of the volume of recyclable beverage containers you want to collect and the recycling audience you are targeting;
3.     Your plan for promoting and educating the users of the program;
4.     Your collection infrastructure needs;
5.     Metrics you will use to measure and report your results.

Note: This form does not allow you to save partially filled out applications. If your browser is closed prior to completing the entire application you may need to start again with a new application from scratch. For this reason, we encourage you to prepare and save your responses in a separate document on your computer and then copy and paste these into the online form. 

You can find a PDF copy of the full application HERE.  PDF APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - all applications must be completed through the SurveyMonkey form. 

A list of available bin options is also available within the PDF.

To save a copy of this application with your responses, you will need to print each page as you progress using your web browser’s printing options. Before clicking the [Next] and [Done] buttons, use your web browser’s printing options to print the current page of answers.