Gifts of Treasures

Use this on-line form to indicate your financial support of the church.  

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(*) If you would like your church statement to reflect your pledge, please include your name. Otherwise, your pledge will be between you and God and will not be reflected on your statement.
Note: For couples/families who give treasures together, this information only needs to be submitted on one Covenant Form.

* 3. I / We believe God is working through His people to achieve the goals of this Church.  In the coming year, I / We plan to worship this number of times each month on average:

I/We prayerfully make the following financial commitment for the upcoming year starting Sept 2018 and ending Aug 2019:

* 4. How often on average will we receive your financial contribution?

* 5. What will be your usual gift amount?

* 6. How much do you expect to give to the church this upcoming year (September 2018 to August 2019)?

* 7. For Quarterly and Annual givers, what month(s) do you expect to give?

* 8. How will we receive your gift?

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