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We’d like to make our 13th annual Connections Conference the best one yet! That’s why we’re asking for your help. Please fill out the survey below, indicating the topics that would be most valuable for us to cover during this year’s conference.

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Supplemental, virtual career guidance
Diversity recruitment and career services
Job/labor market insights and metrics
On-campus recruiting vs. virtual recruiting
Entrepreneurial career paths
Gen Z expectations
Increasing student engagement
KPIs, ROI and metrics reporting
Employer participation in career center events
Building lasting partnerships between career centers and employers
Slashed career center and recruitment budgets
Employee turnover and team training
Employer-sponsored content for students
Inbound recruitment and employment branding
Talent personas as part of your recruitment strategy
Increasing student satisfaction and retention rates
Veteran hiring and career services
International hiring and career services
Specialty masters’ students vs traditional MBAs
Social media and text messaging during the recruitment process
Building personalized student connections via technology
Earlier access to students via resume databases and other channels
Soft/transferable skills for employment

* 4. If you had to pick one topic you’d like to cover during the conference, what would it be and why?

* 5. If you had to pick one topic you do NOT wish to cover during the conference, what would it be and why?

* 6. Please rank the following objectives you’d like to achieve by attending the conference.

* 7. Please rate each of the below methods from most effective to least effective when retaining and sharing information in a conference environment. 

* 8. When you hear information at any professional conference, is it most impactful when it comes from:

* 9. What is the best company-hosted conference you’ve ever been to and what did you like about the experience?

* 10. Anything else you'd like to suggest to us for this year's event: