Parents or Guardians,
Thank you so much for filling out our "Family Partnership" survey!  We know your time is valuable, so we try to make it as easy as possible.  Your input is very important to us.  This information helps us to plan or revise our Family Engagement Plan, and helps us to see where we need to improve, as well as our strengths.
You can fill out this form and send it back to school, OR you can do the survey online @
If you do not have internet access, you may come in and take the survey in your child's school.

If you have children at more than one school, please fill out a survey for EACH school.  You don't have to fill out one for each child unless they are at different schools.

* 1. I am responding as a

* 2. My ethnic/race background is

* 3. My child attends

* 4. What grade is your child in?

* 5. Do you need a translator?

* 6. If you answered "no" to question #5, skip this question.  If you answered "yes" to question #5:  It is easy to get a translator if I need one.

* 7. When I walk into the school, I feel the school is inviting and that this is a place where parents "belong."

* 8. The school's policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of the families in the community.

* 9. Students at the school are treated fairly no matter what their race or cultural background.

* 10. I feel welcome at family engagement events. (Back to School, Reading Nights, Math Nights, etc.)

* 11. I believe the school provides a safe environment for my child.

* 12. Directional signs in the school make it easy for me to find my way around.

* 13. The school keeps all families informed about important school issues and events.

* 14. The school communicates with families in multiple ways (email, phone, website, handbook, newsletters, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, PowerSchool).

* 15. The school's administration is approachable, easy to contact, and helpful.

* 16. If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree from the question above, please explain why.

* 17. The school's staff is approachable, easy to contact, and helpful.

* 18. If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree from the question above, please explain why.

* 19. My child's teacher communicates with me on a regular basis. (PowerSchool, email, phone, newsletters, notes home, text, etc.)

* 20. If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree from the question above, please explain why.

* 21. My child's teacher keeps me well informed about how my child is doing in school. (PowerSchool, graded work comes home, progress reports, report cards, conferences, phone, text, notes home, Social Media, etc.)

* 22. If you selected Disagree or Strongly Disagree from the question above, please explain why.

* 23. I understand the academic standards my child is supposed to meet and how the curriculum is linked to those standards.

* 24. My child's teacher and the school give me useful information about how to improve my child's progress.

* 25. If the school can't help me, they will connect me to someone who can.

* 26. I understand the rules and requirements for student dress, language, and behavior.

* 27. I feel empowered to advocate for my own child's and other children's success in school.

* 28. The school connects students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and community improvement initiatives.

* 29. It is important for my child to read 20 minutes a day at home.

* 30. Parent Teacher Conferences provide me with useful insights about my child.

* 31. The best way to communicate with me is:

* 32. I participated in the following activities: (Check all that apply)

* 33. The school has a Family/Parent Resource Center that I can use.

* 34. The school's Family Engagement Plan has been made available to me.

* 35. I have access to the internet.

* 36. I would like to have some school meetings in places other than the school.

* 37. I know that child care and/or transportation are available to me for a Family Engagement event if I need it.

* 38. I am unable to attend school activities because:  (Check all that apply.)

* 39. What time of day would be best for you to attend a family engagement activity or meeting?  (Check all that apply.)

* 40. What suggestions do you have for improving this school?