Call for Presentations Form (Deadline Date September 22, 2017)

MSBA's 97th Annual Leadership Conference
Minneapolis Convention Center
January 11-12, 2018

The Minnesota School Boards Association's annual Leadership Conference is scheduled for January 11-12, 2018, in Minneapolis. If your district or organization would like to present at the Conference, please complete the survey and submit it by September 22, 2017. We will notify you regarding the acceptance of your presentation. MSBA reserves the right to put any handouts or PowerPoint presentations from selected presentations on its website. Please see descriptions of the various opportunities for presentations below.

*Each workshop needs to include at least one school board member and/or superintendent as a presenter.

There will be workshop presentations on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. These sessions are approximately one hour in length. Attendees like to receive handouts and have time for questions. We are looking for presentations that will: 1) enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of board members, 2) impart new information, 3) share promising strategies and best practices, 4) depict creative programs and services, 5) demonstrate innovative ideas/solutions.

These sessions should be educational in nature and must not contain promotional material regarding the company or its products. Also, the presentation must include representatives from a satisfied school district (at least one board member and/or superintendent) as participating presenters. Exhibitor status will be confirmed during the selection process – you must be a confirmed exhibitor at the time of submission or you will not be considered for a workshop.

A round table presentation is more interactive and informal – it is like having a face-to-face conversation with a few people all at one time and at one table. After each 20-minute presentation is complete, a bell will be rung and attendees will then move to a different table. Once a new group is seated, the same presentation should be repeated. No access to AV or internet is available. Handouts are recommended.

Please complete the information requested in this survey. A complete presentation description is important. We use this information to create our Conference program.